It’s All Fun and Games… And Then They Light You On Fire???

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Welp, I’m going to get in a shootout, fight some people, roll down a flight of stairs, and fall into boxes. And… After all that, they’re gonna light me on fire!

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You know those times in your life when that lil voice inside your head says, I wonder if this is a good idea… Or you get that feeling that maybe this isn’t the best decision you’ve made… Or you run through what’s gonna happen in graphic detail, in your head?

Well, this is NOT one of those times. Ha! I have wanted to do this for a couple years but the timing never worked out till now.

Soooo… I’m attending a stunt school in Vancouver, BC.
(And it’s owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Stunt Double, Peter Kent).

And yes, it’s ‘real’ stunt school.

It’s a, “prepare-you-to-find-work-as-a-stunt-man” kinda stunt school. And, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be the only one there not trying to become a stuntman (or stuntwoman, because there is NO WAY I’m getting that surgery).

Why Stunt School?

Simple… Because I can.  I mean… Because I ‘physically’ can, and mentally want to. It goes back to the Violent Zen™ motto…

“It’s not about how you train… It’s about WHY you train”

The ‘Why’ for my training comes down to a few things:

  • I really do like picking up heavy thangs and stuffs. aka, powerlifting.
  • Mostly, I love being physically able to do almost anything I want whenever I want without saying to myself, like so many people do, “Oh, 10 years ago I coulda done that no problem, but but but but…” (If you catch yourself saying that, maybe look at what you’re doing today versus what you did x years ago. Hmmmm? And yes, I know that sometimes there are other circumstances like injuries, etc, that prevent doing what you used to, but that’s probably 20% or less of people).
  • My Violent Zen™ training also includes the mental aspect because the brain is like a muscle, right? Work it out, it stays strong. Don’t, and… Well, you know. Wither Wither… DEFLATE… It’s like a SBD in your brain. (That’s Silent But Deadly, and if you don’t know what that is… Ask around. 😉 )

Side Note: There’s also a high probability that I have created a chemical imbalance in my brainses that now requires me to push the limits of everything. That’s not always a good thing, but I guess I’m still kickin so, I guess I got that going for me… Which is nice. Haha

What Will I Be Doing at Stunt School?

Not sure if I’ll get to do all of that in the video above but I know It’s gonna be awesome! Here’s the list of what I call, fun activities. I described what I could till I learn what it fully entails.

  1. Gymnastic Work
  2. Fight Scene Wor
  3. Wirework/Ratchet (Not sure, but hoping part of this is getting hooked up to a harness dealio that yanks you back to make it look like you got blowed up.)
  4. Box Rig Falls (Falls into boxes. Not exactly sure on the height, but one requirement is to do it blindfolded)
  5. Mini Tramp Work (Look out Richard Simmons)
  6. Underwater (Think we’re gonna be fighting and maybe other stuff)
  7. Squibs & Guns (This is gonna be fun. I already love shooting and now I get to be in a shoot ‘em up)
  8. Stair Roll (Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Thud thud thud…)
  9. Car Gags (No idea what this is gonna entail)
  10. Burn (Meaning I get a fire suit and gel and they light my body on fire)
  11. Marketing Yourself

Plus, one of the kulest (you’ll get used to my spellins) parts is I’m gonna have an HD reel of all my stunts! (Don’t worry, I’ll post it). And I spose if someone wanted to pay me to do fun stunts, I may accept.

Question for You…

I’m curious to find out if I’m the only mentally unstable person out there. Haha.

So… Would you ever attend stunt school, and why?
Or, is there anything else you’d like to do that others think is crazy?
Leave your answer in the comment section below.

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