Be Careful How You Interpret The World; It Is Like That. ~ Erich Heller

Be Careful How You Interpret The World – It Is Like That

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If you’re anything like me, you have several different worlds within your “world”.  Wow, that’s deep for me, right?  haha! But, to keep this relevant, let’s talk specifically about the world of training, fitness, health, nutrition, etc. AND… To be clear, I am NOT talking about only the “gym” or “health club” world, because if that’s where your training begins …

Micro Recovery - Macro Recovery

Micro Recovery VS. Macro Recovery (Part 1)

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Side note to start: In part 2 I’ll show you exactly how I’m implementing this in my physical and mental training. The names “Micro Recovery” and “Macro Recovery” hit me at 3:13am while lying in bed and luckily I recorded a voice memo about it. What is Micro Recovery? Micro Recovery deals specifically with the short recovery periods between intense …


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