What is Violent Zen?

The Violent

Focuses on your training, your effort, and your workout!  Even if you’re not a elite athlete, you can train like one.  It’s all about the focus that you have the second you walk in the gym, and while your training.   It’s when nothing will stand the way of your workout, and if anything did get in your way, you would run through it or over it!  It’s when you are so laser focused that people are scared (because they should be).  It’s when you can take any frustration you have and use it as fuel for your training.

The Zen
  1. It’s that feeling you get after you’ve destroyed another workout.  It’s when you say… Ahhhh… Another intense workout (training session) in the books.
  2. It’s about the things outside of physical training that are just as important, like recovery, nutrition, mindset, etc.
  3. It’s knowing that the mental aspect of your training is just as important as the physical.