Founder Bio

Violent Zen™ Founder:  Travis Hlavka

Travis Hlavka started training when he was about 9 years old.  A family friend said to get big and strong start by doing 20 pushups and 20 situps every morning and night.  However, that was not good enough so Travis saved his allowance and bought his first weight set at a garage sale.   The goal was to get bigger, faster, and stronger (because he was a bit scrawny).

Travis devoured every bit of information he could find on working out.  After a family member became sick, he began researching nutrition.  Everything from juicing to supplements.

Since that early start he has learned from a lot of mistakes and helped thousands of people with training information and tools on his website, DIY Strength Training. The predecessor to Violent Zen™

He is a RAW World Champion powerlifter (yeah, it’s not the USAPL, but for a first comp, it was a good start), and was previously an ACSM and ACE certified trainer, and now trains primary for powerlifting.

Currently Travis is focused on integrating physical training and nutrition with mental training.