Stunt School Day 1 – Practicing Fall Techniques

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Timeframe:  From around 8pm – 10:15pm-ish
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This was so freakin fun!! Tonight we all met at a gymnastics center (in the evening) and before starting, we picked out the clothes we’d do the ‘burn scene’ in on Sunday.

Side note: There are 8 students in the class. Everyone from newbies like me, to active stunt peeps that wanted to work on skills and add to their demo reel.  ALSO… I didn’t have video of myself for everything on this day so I included some of my new friends in the video, to show you what we did.

We spent a couple hours practicing 3/4 front flips and 3/4 back flips and falls into a foam pit and mini tramp work.

We started in the foam pit, then added a 6″ mat on top of foam, then added another to bring the height of what we were flipping on to be level with the floor. Then we took the mat out and flipped off the ground onto it.

Was way more technical then I expected… Sorta. I’m just used to landing on my feet.

  • 3/4 front example: Front flip landing on your back with knees bent so your back and feet land at the same time.
  • 3/4 back example: Back flip landing on your stomach with knees slightly bent so you don’t smack your feet on the ground. For example if you were doing this on concrete you wouldn’t want your toes/feet smacking the ground.
  • Fall ~8′ into foam: 3/4 front, and also front dive with a switch/roll sideways to your back at the last minute. It’s like you’re going to land flat on your stomach but you roll to your back at the last minute possible.
  • Mini tramp work: This was off one of those super fancy gymnastics mini tramps and we were pretending we’d been blown up. 3/4 front or roll to back, whichever you wanted.

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