Crossfit Jump Rope – Hurricane Pro

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 Transcript:  Look, Listen, Finding a great Crossfit Jump Rope can be frustrating, and if you’re anything like me, you just want something that works great and is backed up by a warranty and a company…. you can trust. Violent Zen…. was started for that purpose. Hi, my name is Travis Hlavka and I am the Founder of Violent Zen.  Listen close and pay attention, because in super short video I’m going to show you 3 important features of the Hurricane Pro Crossfit Jump Rope. (and be sure to pay attention till the end).

1st:  Our Crossfit Jump Rope has dual bearings in the handles so it spins so fast you’ll probly burn your hands off (ok, maybe not fast), and it’s 10′ long, so unless you’re a giant, you can easily adjust it to your height.

2nd:  Every rope comes with 2 reusable rope clips which are great for keeping your rope from unwinding, or if you don’t like clips, you can use em to keep small electronics wires organized.
Also, we’re giving you 2 extra adjustment screws, because these lil guys can be really hard to find if they aren’t tight and fly off.  Trust me.

3rd:  You can use the package as a resealable bag for your rope.  I personally prefer just using the rope clips cuz I’m lazy, and then use the bag to put little things in when I’m traveling.  Plus, since people were asking, now you also get a Violent Zen logo sticker.
Ok, so that was more like 4.7 things.  AND…  By now…

You’re probly wondering why I said, be sure to watch till the end.  It’s because, in the description below, there’s an Amazon coupon code and link.  Click the link and Buy today to get 20% off the Hurricane Pro Crossfit Jump Rope.

Travis with Violent Zen, and Remember, it’s not about how you train… it’s about why you train!

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