Homemade Preworkout Drink

Homemade Pre-Workout Drink

The-Proprietary-workout-SupplementGeneralI have yet to see many pre workout supplements on the market that don’t contain a bunch of artificial CRAP! Does it really matter if it’s blue, or red, or green, or whatever!  And I especially don’t need it to taste like artificial unicorn farts sprinkled with pixie dust.  (Not sure what that tastes like but it sounds fancily delightful right? ha)

Anyway, after talking with a friend of mine and doing a bunch of research, I created my own homemade pre workout supplement. Unfortunately, I don’t have any fancy names for anything or any super jazz up your ass or pump up your balls recipes “proprietary blends”, but what I do have is a recipe that I like and so far is working well.

After checking ingredients on pre workout supps, I’ve decided my recipe comes to about 3 servings of one of them. “About three”. (Which is usually the max serving size.)

HomeBrew Pre-Workout Drink

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Homemade Preworkout DrinkMy Homemade Pre Workout Drink Powder in Vitamin Water BottleHow I take it… I pre-make all my pre and post workout drinks.  In the past I used 20oz Vitamin Water bottles, but now I like to just put them in small ziplock bags cuz it’s much smaller, and it looks really shady carrying around a bunch of lil bags of white powder. (This way I don’t have to worry about making up my concoction during the week. I make up a bunch of homebrew preworkout and homemade postworkout drinks).

I use about 4oz of water and down 1/2 about 5 min before I get to the gym, and the other half before I go in, or right after I change into my workout ‘attire’.  That timing works best for me.

Some people like to drink 1/2 about 20 min before the workout and then sip on the rest during the workout. I tried that and hated it. haha

  • ~15g protein (That’s not the serving, that’s grams of protein in the serving)
  • Sometimes I use juice/koolaid, but most of the time I just choke it down

Here’s the deal… I am not recommending you try this. Again, don’t be daft (aka, stupid)!  (haha, look at me using British slang, and I’m not even British).  Talk to your doctor before you do anything involving ingesting substances I talk about. You should have talked to your doctor before even reading this. Seriously, I am not recommending you try it. This is my recipe and if you try it, then you are responsible for your own results.

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