Homemade Postworkout Drink

Homemade Post-Workout Drink

Interestingly enough, I can’t recall ever taking any “official” post workout supplements in the past (besides whey protein). Usually I would just make sure I got a big protein rich meal asap afterward. At one time I was even doing a special meal post workout that included lots of super high glycemic foods to spike my insulin levels and then lots of protein. I don’t do that anymore however. (Mainly because it was too much work).

After doing some research on different supplements, I decided on a homemade post workout concoction that I now use.

The-Proprietary-workout-SupplementGeneralJust like my homemade pre workout drink concoction, I decided to create my own post workout drink. And you guessed it… It’s because of all the nasty artificial crap they put in post workout drinks, and just regular ole protein for that matter. Apparently the “health” and fitness industry hasn’t actually caught on yet to the “health” part. HAHAHA, wankers!

The main ingredient in my post workout is protein (obviously). I buy all my protein from TrueNutrition because it’s just protein. (Shameless plug warning… Use True Nutrition Discount Code HLK926 at checkout for 5% OFF)

HomeBrew Post-Workout Drink

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Homemade Postworkout DrinkMy Homebrew Post Workout Drink Powder in Vitamin Water BottleHow I take it… I pre-make all my pre and post workout drinks.  In the past I used 20oz Vitamin Water bottles, but now I like to just put them in small ziplock bags cuz it’s much smaller, and it looks really shady carrying around a bunch of lil bags of white powder. I make up a bunch of homebrew postworkout and homemade pre workout drinks). I leave a bunch in my locker at the gym and then grab one, fill it with water, and pound it down immediately after my workout (which is the best time to take it).

  • ~35g protein (That’s not the serving, that’s grams of protein in the serving)

Here’s the deal… I am not recommending you try this.  Don’t be an eediot! Talk to your doctor before you do anything involving ingesting substances I talk about. You should have talked to your doctor before even reading this. Seriously, I am not recommending you try it. This is my recipe and if you try it, then you are responsible for your own results.

NOTE: I will make a couple bucks if you buy through my links. 92.13% of the time I buy from AllStarHealth, but occasionally I will buy at Bodybuilding.com or Amazon