Travis Training

These are obviously a bit old, but they are a few of my best lifts. I am going to be recording training sessions again and journaling / blogging on my progress. Especially when I put together my next training program (which will be very soon) because I’m going to be putting together a custom routine. Also, I haven’t moved all …


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Universal Macros Spreadsheet Calculator

GET NOTIFIED OF ANY UPDATES to this spreadsheet or if I create any cool new nutrition related spreadsheets. If you don’t sign up, you’ll never know when I update them. WE WILL NEVER SPAM YOU OR SELL YOUR EMAIL. >>> This is for Macros Spreadsheet Related Updates Only! <<< We hate spammers and they should all be beat profusely about …


Stunt School Demo Reel

Be sure to check out the daily videos to see all the stunts and behind the scenes (and a funny blooper on Day 2).


Stunt School Day 1 – Practicing Fall Techniques

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Timeframe: From around 8pm – 10:15pm-ish Scroll down to see all daily videos & links.

This was so freakin fun!! Tonight we all met at a gymnastics center (in the evening) and before starting, we picked out the clothes we’d do the ‘burn scene’ in on Sunday. Side note: There are 8 students in the class. Everyone from newbies like me, to active stunt peeps that wanted to…