It’s All About 113%

Violent Zen™ is continually evolving.  Originally the company focus was to sell training equipment like our very first product.  Equipment that could be used by anyone in any sport.  We are planning to release at least four products per year.  This is still a big focus, and now we will also be providing a combination of physical and mental training information.  We realized that top 20% of athletes in the world also focus on the mental aspect of their training and sport, and the top 5% don’t just focus on it, they live it.

Look… Whether you’re a competitive athlete or not, we all know there are those training days that are ‘meh’.  The ‘meh’ is the mental part and if you can conquer that along with your physical training, you’re going to be way ahead of 80% of people.  Any solid training program should have both physical and mental training.

The founder realized that many times during a training session or workout, there is dead time that could be used to train your brain to not only be smarter, but to give you the mental edge you need… when you need it!

It doesn’t matter why you train, or what you train for… If you’re in the gym, or outside the gym, and nothing will stop you, then you know!

Our goal is to be superhuman and help others get there too (or as close to is as possible).  And being superhuman isn’t just about your physical fitness.

Here are a few questions we asked ourselves…

  • How much more effective could we be by incorporating mental training with physical training?
  • What if we could help train the next generation reach 113% in the gym and outside?
  • How can we implement a Violent Zen™ superhuman training routine so it can be done during normal training?
  • What if we introduced this type of training to athletes still in school?

Many people think of it as being super strong, super fast, or super athletic.  But if you think about it, a “Super Human” would not only be strong, but would have a brain… And know how to use it to make training or anything else more effective!

So ultimately… The underlying goal of Violent Zen™ is to start a cult.  HAHA!  Ok, we do not want to start a cult, but we do want to provide as much data as possible on becoming a Super Human!  For the physical aspects and the mental aspects.

Everything from physical training routines for athletes in a variety sports, to mental training routines (in school and out of school)… AND MORE!

What if you could combine the Violent (physical training) with the Zen (mental training)?

So we want to provide the information you need, before, during, and after your most intense training sessions.